Friday, August 31, 2012

DAY 86 - Cake, Pie Or Cookie

TITLE: Pie Sunrise

ASSIGNMENT: Decorate a cake, pie or cookie.  Store-bought or homemade frosting can be used, but sprinkles, powdered sugar, and other toppings are fun to work with as well. Document it being eaten.

MATERIALS: Safeway tiny, personal Baked Apple Pie, white tube frosting, food coloring set, paint brush, Photoshop for the sun burst.

INSPIRATION: Paint on a baked good?  What?  I have never tried to paint, okay so the instructions do say, "decorate" not "paint', but who said I do things the easy way? ;)  So, I took a shot at painting a sunrise field of yellow flowers.  Was it easy? Heck no!  Do I like it? Ended up looking more like a pizza, but I thought the idea would be fun.  Either way, once I scraped off the coloring, it tasted pretty good inside!

A. Anderson

Thursday, August 30, 2012

DAY 85 - Work With Words

TITLE: Discover

ASSIGNMENT: Make an image with just words or letters.  You can cut them from magazine, draw them yourself, or print out words on a computer to work with.

MATERIALS: Sunday paper advertisements.

INSPIRATION: Paging through the ads I couldn't help but laugh at some of the words used to "sell" the food and other items.  So, I decided let's select some words for the male and some for the female, and then if I am lucky see if we can create a sort of visual storyline from the picture and the words both, together.  I think it turned out pretty good!

A. Anderson

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

DAY 84 - Keep It Clean

TITLE: Soap Scum

ASSIGNMENT: Use a bar of soap to make something new.  You can carve it with a knife, use it to draw, break it into pieces, or even make bubbles-just have fun.

MATERIALS: Jergens bar of soap, knife.

INSPIRATION: My biggest fear was that it would be "pieces" before I finished it!  I decided to carve the bar of soap.  At first I wanted to carve a toilet, you know "toilet soap"? Yeah, well as soon as I realized just how hard it is to carve in soap, it made carving in butter look positively easy!  I cut out a face and made an ugly bad guy, I call him "Soap Scum!"

A. Anderson

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DAY 83 - Visual Pun

TITLE: Something Punny

ASSIGNMENT: Make a visual pun.  For example, a handbag out of hands.

MATERIALS: Sculpy, acrylic paints, Penny.

INSPIRATION: I didn't go for the more obvious visual puns, at first I considered it, but then thought, no let's make this one a bit more clever.  Think you can guess? Go on, give it a try.

A. Anderson

Monday, August 27, 2012

DAY 82 - Created Utensil

TITLE: Environmentolapitator

ASSIGNMENT:Create a new kind of utensil.  Functional or not, document its use.

MATERIALS: cardboard, glue, red and black felt pens, scissors.

INSPIRATION: What sort of device would I need to make readings of the atmosphere and weather?  Well something portable and handheld, that could be used for hundreds of miles.  I bring you, the ENVIRONMENTOLAPITAOR!  Say that ten times fast!

A. Anderson

Sunday, August 26, 2012

DAY 81 - Erasers

TITLE: Erase Me-Yow!

ASSIGNMENT: Make something out of erasers.  Kneaded erasers are great to mold, standard pink erasers can be easily carved, and straight pins can be used to attach them to each other.

MATERIALS: Eraser, knife, black ink pen.

INSPIRATION: I had to move the eraser in different directions to see which I could carve something from.  If you have never tried to carve an eraser, it is not easy!  So, I went with the obvious inspiration, a cat!

A. Anderson

DAY 80 - Tye Dyeing

TITLE: Tye Dye Shirt

ASSIGNMENT:Work with food or fabric dye.  You can try
traditional tie-dye methods or just paint it on. Experiment
with unconventional materials.

MATERIALS: Sculpy, acrylic paints.
INSPIRATION: I didn't have any dyes around the house, not
even food coloring! So, I had to think outside the box, what could I make that uses tye-dye methods? Why not create the shirt that has been dyed!

A. Anderson

Friday, August 24, 2012

DAY 79 - Alley Art

TITLE: Alley Art In Motion

ASSIGNMENT:Walk through an alley or along a small road and pick up discarded materials to work with.  Don't be afraid of a little dirt, just be careful not to cut yourself.

MATERIALS: Air Freshner, plastic grip, broken cell phone case (pink), branch, string, wire.

INSPIRATION: I would say the entire thing is inspiration!  Not sure WHAT it is, but it IS!

A. Anderson

DAY 78 - Story Of A Stranger

TITLE: Travis Wentmore

ASSIGNMENT: Make up a name and write a back story for a stranger you see today.

MATERIALS: Random web photo and Word(s).

INSPIRATION: None to speak of. Just grabbed a picture off the internet and add a back story.

Born in Corinth, Mississippi in 1994, Travis lived with his Father after his parents’ divorce in 2001.  He had a hard time in school and moved several times due to his Father looking for carpentry work  He saw his Mother only one other time when he went with his Father to visit her in in prison at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility.  She had been arrested for drug-related charges that had continued until she no longer knew who she was selling it to and who she was getting it from.  Travis spoke maybe three sentences while she cried and apologized for 20 minutes, telling him she would try harder.  His Father never took him back and he has not seen her in 4 years.  His Father gave him the choice to stay with him and possibly risk moving again, or go live with his Aunt Lisa in Seattle, WA.  Travis chose to move to Seattle after some debate.  He is on the bus and on his way and took this shot to send to his Father.

A. Anderson

Thursday, August 23, 2012

DAY 77 - Shredded Paper

TITLE: Paper Basket and Flower

ASSIGNMENT: Work with shredded paper. Use an actual paper shredder or simply cut paper into thin strips.

MATERIALS: 3 colored sheets of paper, 1 page catalog page, scissors, tape, staples.

INSPIRATION: What can I make with strips of paper?  Well weaving is the first thing that came to mind, and the whole time I was wishing I knew a 1st grader who could do that part for me much faster.  Then once I figured it out, I made the flower last and added he handle, and TA DA! Paper Basket and Flower.  Now the first person that says "Hey, nice purse" I'm gonna deck em!


A. Ande

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DAY 76 - The Ear

TITLE: The Ear

ASSIGNMENT: Make something inspired by and/or that fits on or arouund an ear.

MATERIALS: Sculpy, acrylic paints superglue.

INSPIRATION: Hmmm what can I make that is inspired by the ear?  

Earwax sculpture?  Nah, how would they know.  Ear creature crawling in an ear?  Too easy.  Nope, had to be a play on words. The ear ring!


A. Ande