Friday, August 31, 2012

DAY 86 - Cake, Pie Or Cookie

TITLE: Pie Sunrise

ASSIGNMENT: Decorate a cake, pie or cookie.  Store-bought or homemade frosting can be used, but sprinkles, powdered sugar, and other toppings are fun to work with as well. Document it being eaten.

MATERIALS: Safeway tiny, personal Baked Apple Pie, white tube frosting, food coloring set, paint brush, Photoshop for the sun burst.

INSPIRATION: Paint on a baked good?  What?  I have never tried to paint, okay so the instructions do say, "decorate" not "paint', but who said I do things the easy way? ;)  So, I took a shot at painting a sunrise field of yellow flowers.  Was it easy? Heck no!  Do I like it? Ended up looking more like a pizza, but I thought the idea would be fun.  Either way, once I scraped off the coloring, it tasted pretty good inside!

A. Anderson

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